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Hearing Examiner Grants Queen Anne Motion

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3 October 2016 Update


Hearing Examiner Grants Queen Anne Motion


Good Morning Everyone,

Update from the Queen Anne SEPA/DNS Appeal Front

New News:

We completed testimony last Friday.  The Hearing Examiner ruled in favor of our Motion for Continuance of the Proceedings because the City has continued to delay delivery of pertinent documents pursuant to our Public Records Request submitted last July 8th 2016.  They have continued to delay dates for delivery until several weeks after each scheduled hearing date.


The Hearing Examiner agreed with our right to have access to and examine the full record, and as such made it clear that the City must honor their new delayed production date of October 14th .  We are told that there are over 2,000 emails and other correspondence and will decide by October 24th if we want to examine witnesses.  If we do, the hearing will reconvene on November 1st.


During the 3 days of QA and City testimony and examination of exhibits , we were able to successfully present considerable evidence from our witnesses and City witnesses as well that confirmed the basis for our appeal. The city admitted that they felt it was unnecessary to conduct a study of any environmental impacts.  They instead based their Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) upon unsubstantiated opinion instead of gathering professional metrics, evaluating critical data, conducting a full environmental review and analysis, and holding transparent and inclusive public hearings throughout the city.  Converting every single family neighborhood to triplex zoning deserves such a city-wide commitment to our citizens and our neighborhoods.


Thanks again for all your support,

Queen Anne Community Council LURC

Martin Henry Kaplan, AIA Chair


You can read the Motion and history here:  http://web6.seattle.gov/Examiner/case/document/6555